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Challenges of Running a Cafe No One Tells You About


Wouldn’t working at a cafe be a dream job? Wouldn’t it even be more perfect if you owned the cafe? Operating a cafe may seem like owning a chocolate factory. However, cafes need to be managed well to succeed. That usually means doing things that are not at all charming. Here is a list of common challenges many cafe operators face that no one tells you about:

The Hours are Very Long

As charming as working at a cafe might sound like, be prepared to work long hours. Possibly very long hours. Some cafe owners report working up to 80 hours a week. It’s a cafe, so you will have to be at work very early in the morning to open on time for the morning rush. Then, people would file in during lunch time and even in evenings after work. Afterwards, you need to stay behind to clean up. That is a lot of work and a lot of time spent at the cafe. When the cafe becomes successful, you can hire a deputy to rely on. Until then, be prepared for the gruelling hours.

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The Appliances Break Down

When you are at home, your life doesn’t stop if the waffle maker stops working. When it comes to business, which a cafe is, even a simple problem can have serious bearings on business. What would happen if the fridge in the cafe breaks down? This is a commercial fridge we are talking about, so to fix it, you need to call in the specialists like Stuartek. Cafe owners should prepare themselves for the unexpected event like an appliance breaking down. Prepare your plan B for the situation in advance. Write down the numbers for emergency appliance repair services and teach your employees how to handle a situation like this without you.

Everyone’s Cranky in the Mornings

As the saying goes, no one is normal in the morning until they get their cup of coffee. This means that the person who serves the coffee typically has to put up with colourful personalities waiting to be caffeinated. Working with difficult people is a regular part of being a coffee shop owner. If you don’t have a talent for quick conflict resolution, you may not make it in the coffee business, or at least hold on to your sanity.

You Could End Up Killing a Customer

A cafe is not a retail business or a digital business. The store will be selling food and drink products. That means adhering to hundreds of safety regulations protecting consumers. Even a minor mistake could lead to possible customer deaths. That’s right, deaths. Cafes have to be careful about how all food and drink products are handled to avoid contamination. There have been extreme cases of cafe-related food poisonings that have lead to deaths. It’s not common, but who really wants to risk being the barista that actually kills a customer?

The Marketing Can be Cruel

When you open a cafe in any locality, it won’t be the only cafe there for long. The coffee shop business is so lucrative there are new shops opening up all the time. That means using really hardcore marketing tactics to stay ahead of the business. This life is not for everyone.

So, do you still think you want to be a cafe owner? Could you handle any of the above challenges?

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