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Characteristics of a Professional Forex Broker


Professional Forex brokers employ business practices which set them apart from any other average broker in the market. They constantly use new techniques to seem more appealing to their clients as the world increasingly becomes more competitive. You see a lot of small-scale Forex brokerage companies blossoming out in the market. Whether they are credible as some of their longstanding brokerage firms is a question that remains to be answered. Value-added services like 24/7 access to online accounts and other customer services are seen as a something which would present any broker with a competitive advantage over their competition. Let us look into some characteristics which you would associate a professional broker to possess.

Lot Sizes

Traders don’t actually end up purchasing actual currency units but rather buy the expected fluctuation of two paired currencies. Traders trade-in unit blocks and the technical term for these blocks are called lot sizes. A lot size can be defined as how large the traded numbers of currencies are. Lot sizes vary as it depends on the trader and the nature of their business etc. A good Forex broker would be able to offer lot sizes of various degrees. From large to small so they would be able to cater even to small traders who do not wish to take risks with large amounts of money simply because they cannot afford it.

A Good Market Spread

A good broker would allow you to trade pairs that would make you a profit because at the end of the day the bottom line is that you need numbers. Most brokers don’t charge base fees so that there is no initial cost for a start-up company. Forex traders rather gain revenue from market spreads so as a trader it is important to opt for a Forex broker that offers a lower level of market spread. Technically the Market spread is the difference between what you call the buying or bid position and the selling position. There are some unethical brokers, who charge you obscene amounts. It is also worthwhile knowing that market spreads vary depending on the currencies involved. “Major” currencies which are traded more often than others often come with a higher market spread. However, Global Forex brokers look to maintain a somewhat uniform range of market spreads so as to not drive out potential traders seeking their services to other countries.

Trading Platforms

Trading platforms have now been given to Traders in many forms in today’s business world. The addition of the Internet and other various web-based applications have provided traders with an amazing level of convenience. Time is a luxury, being able to manage your transactions and monitor the market with a phone at your fingertips is something that would be very attractive to any trader. It is always a good option to seek out a Forex broker that employs the use of efficient and user-friendly platforms that would enable any trader to work without having to worry about technicalities.

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