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Pros and Cons of Offshore Call Centres


Call centre offshore outsourcing has become a much talked about topic among many companies today. However, there are always doubts regarding whether it is really beneficial to a business or not, which makes it hard for most companies to decide whether to get the service or not. Given below are some of the pros and cons of offshore outsourcing for you to make your decision easier.

Lower Costs

Many people argue that, since the outsourced centre is not a direct part or branch of your company there is the risk of staff members not knowing the company culture and values. This may result in lowering the standards of your company. However, one of the main advantages of the service not directly being connected to the company is the reduced cost. This is because you don’t have to specifically spend money on maintaining a call centre. Therefore, the costs that would’ve been spent on staff salaries, equipment and infrastructure is reduced. As a result of reduced expenditure, your company will be able to increase its profits as well

Handling Employees

There is the disadvantage of you losing control over the functioning and performance of these staff members even though they are still working for your company. But, the advantage is that the staff or agents are handled by the external service providers themselves. This includes hiring, training as well as the elimination of the employees. This will help to save your time to a great extent and reduce the workload for your company and will help you to focus on the main tasks or goals of the business, increasing your productivity.

Language Barriers

There are instances that may reconsider getting an offshore call centre service due to linguistic and cultural barriers in fear that it might affect the quality of communication. While this is true on rare occasions, most service providers of this field have highly trained and qualified professionals dedicated just for their task as a communication officer. Due to this the providers are often able to guarantee 24/7 service of the best quality. Also most call centre services in Australia will have servers located in multiple geographical locations as well. It will further add to the effectiveness of the service and its continuity.

Customer Satisfaction

The lack of knowledge of the service provider staff about your company background, the lack of control you will have on the staff and the language barriers that might be there is often considered to be risks that can result in decreased customer satisfaction. However, the training received by the staff, their communication skills and the continuity of the business are some of the facts that will increase the quality of your service. The agents will be able to assist the customers by providing them with the right and clear information at any time and will reduce the number of times where the customer is made to wait leading to high customer satisfaction.

Although just by hearing the name offshore call centre many would find it disadvantageous due to certain factors, once you hire the service of a good service provider with high professionalism, your company will be able to experience a lot of advantages and profits due to the high quality of service.

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