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The Do’s and Don’ts of Retail Signages


Store signages are proven ways that boost sales of retail shops. Some retailers think that investing on good signage solutions is expensive but the returns are definitely amazing. While signages are great tools for any business, there are still some factors that need to be considered for it to be effective.

Put Customer Experience as Top Priority

Aside from advertising, another purpose of signages is to communicate to customers. To know if your signages are conveying the right message, try walking in your shop as a customer and see if the signs can be easily read and understood. Check directional signages if they really help customers find what they’re looking for.

Consider the Location

Location is essential in every signage. For outdoor signages, make sure to place it somewhere that can be easily seen by passers-by. You can also customize it to make it visible on a certain distance. For indoor signages, make sure to place them near products or certain areas such as restroom or counter. Signs that are on eye-level are easily recognized by people so consider this also.

Do Benchmarking

Visiting or checking competitor’s shops is a wise move in any business. You’ll have an insight on what techniques other companies’ do that might be helpful to your company too. You can even formulate countermeasures to their techniques to gain better sales.

Digital Signages

With the help of technology, digital signages are made. You can now advertise and communicate more to consumers via a screen. Digital signages are also more eye-catching with great content and presentation type.

Keep it Simple

One characteristic of an effective signage is simplicity. Customers can easily read and understand your message if your signage has contrasting colors, plain font face, and has plenty of white space to avoid overstimulation. A simple 2 or 3 color schemes is the perfect for any shop sign. Also, lessen distractions such as starbursts, glitters or any design that makes your sign look cluttered than clear.

Be Straightforward

Another important thing to consider when making shop signages is to be straightforward on what you want to say. Keep your message short and simple yet conveys the fullness of your message. Customers must be able to grasp what your sign wants to say within 5 seconds to keep them engaged.

Consistency is the Key

Being consistent with your signages makes them more effective. The company logo must be the same through different platforms – both on your physical store and ecommerce shop. Make sure to release sales, promotions, discounts and ads at the same time on your online and physical store.

Prioritize Quality Above All

In designing shop signages, make sure to check the quality before putting it up. Always check for grammatical or typographical errors since it could greatly affect our store’s credibility. Also, see to it that the design looks fresh and appealing. Choose only the experts in shop signs Melbourne to be assured of best quality and effective signages.

Investing in good quality signages is important to keep up with all the competitors in the market.

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