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Transitioning Into a Sustainable Business Efficiently


The buzzword – or words rather, of the 21st century, appear to be ‘sustainable businesses’. Seeing as how this is also a time when climate change has really got the planet in a vice, it does make sense as to why. With news stories of unusual environmental catastrophes and phenomenon such as the snowing in the Sahara Desert pouring in on a daily basis, it is about time we are not just sat up and took notice, but also acted on it. It has been encouraging to see the gradual yet consistent change towards more responsible living, with many companies leading the way and others following suit. Though you may assume it is a tedious process to switch to a sustainable model, in this day and age it actually is not. To get you started, take a look at the following.

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Audit Your Company

In other words, assess and analyse all departments in your company, along with their operations. If it is large, it might take some time, but with the help of the department heads, it should be more efficient. This will allow you to identify the shortcomings in your systems, and therefore prepare you for implementing better practices accordingly. Be thorough, and ensure you leave nothing out. You want to turn the business completely over, and instead of wasting both time and money in the future doing this all over again, why not get it done in one go?

Implement a Project Plan

It can be easy to lose track, so it is important for you to implement a sensible project plan. This should include tasks and timelines determining the length of time taken for each task. It should also assign these tasks to different groups of people, so everyone knows who is responsible for what. Else, it can end up becoming really messy, and the change could just stop in the middle. So even before you transition to ISO 14001 2015 for example, you could look at what needs to be done,and lay out the steps for each process. This will speed up the process as well.

Train Staff

Merely setting up the processes then waiting for them to take off on their own is not going to really cut it. Your employees will now have to get used to a different way of working unless of course your new start-up is launched bearing a sustainable business model. It is important to train staff in the former instance, as this will help minimize complications and any issues that may crop up along the way hindering operational efficiency. Invest enough into the training process so everyone is on the same page, and able to help each other out when necessary.

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Hire a Professional

The other thing you can do to make all of this that much easier is to hire a professional. There are companies that offer complete advice on this sort of thing, along with step-by-step guidance if needed. They will help with the audit process, and manage the entire process as well, for those who would prefer that. This can be useful since it leaves you to focus on carrying on with your company’s everyday operations.

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