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What Does a Digital Marketer Do?


Digital marketing refers to all the marketing techniques that are done over the internet. From online brochures, email marketing, search engine optimization and more, this type of marketing strategy has broader reach since people spend most of their time online.

Digital marketers are specialists in digital marketing techniques. They identify which one suits your company’s needs and makes sure that it achieves the owner’s objectives. Digital marketing is not really that simple and it requires a lot of knowledge and experience in the field to make sure that your strategy works. Below are the different types of digital marketers and what they do.

SEO Manager

Their main goal is to get the company a ranking on Google. They use a variety of techniques to achieve this goal. One is search engine optimization. This process lets the company’s business page visible on the search results of various search engines. Landing on the first pages of search results is one of the objectives in SEO. Don’t risk your company’s performance and hire only the best digital agency Melbourne to handle all your digital marketing needs.

Content Marketing Specialist

They are the ones who focus on digital content. They have a weekly plan on what content they should release and make sure that the company’s products and campaigns are supported by digital content on various channels. They specialize in creating interesting and engaging online content, from articles, info graphics and even videos. They keep track of the number of page visitors, blog traffic and visitor’s time on page. They make sure that these don’t fall below critical levels.

Social Media Manager

Almost all people have social media accounts for communicating with their social network. A social media manager is the one who maintains the company’s social media accounts through different channels. Usually, they work with content marketers regarding what content to post on each channel. They are also the ones who interact with consumers on social media regarding their product or service. Keeping track of how many followers, shares and how frequent their posts appear on a consumer’s newsfeed are also their task.

Marketing Automation Coordinator

Marketing automation coordination specializes in company management software. This program gives an insight on how their business is growing and helps them understand their consumer’s behaviour. They keep track of lead generation and conversion rate, email open rate and campaign click-through rate.

Is Digital Marketing Good for All Companies?

Generally speaking, digital marketing helps a lot in improving the growth of any company. However, each company differs on the type of digital marketing strategy that works for them. For business-to-business companies, the main goal of your marketing is generally focused on lead generation and conversion. The aim is to get consumers to talk to one of your salespeople so you can sell them your service. On the other hand, business-to-consumer companies focus on drawing more people to their website and convert them into customers even without talking to your salespeople. Accelerating the buyer’s journey and strong call-to-action is one of your key techniques.

If you haven’t tried digital marketing for your company yet, don’t get left out by teaming up with a digital marketing agency now.

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