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What to Look For In a Real Estate Agent?


Just like you want to pick a good school for your kid, the right doctor for your family and the right car for travel, you also want to pick a great house because… well, because this is where you are going to be living after all. Whilst you can also find a house all on your own, most people today prefer to opt for a real estate agent. This is mainly because it takes the stress out of the process, and the commission or cost they incur is totally worth it proportionate to this. However, one must be incredibly careful when hiring a real estate agent, as not all of them are reliable or even legit. And being cheated of so much money is no joking matter. Here are a few tips to help you secure the right real estate agent.

Look For Recent Clients

If you really want to know what people think of a particular real estate agent, you must look for their recent clients. You can easily ask them for a list of properties sold, as well as the associated contact information. Before you pick up the phone and start firing off calls though, make sure you ask the agent what you can expect if you were to talk to their clients, and if anyone is particularly happy or disappointed with the services.


A legit real estate agent needs to be, well, legit, and to confirm this you will have to double-check their licensing. Before you have them screening building inspectors adelaide to ensure that the house is in good shape, you want to be sure that they are allowed to do so in the first place. Different states and cities have varying licensing requirements, so check on those as well, and confirm that they meet all those necessary regulations accordingly. We cannot stress the importance of this enough.


Sure everyone needs to start somewhere, but you most likely want real estate agents who have been in the business for some time and know what they are doing. Aside from knowing the market inside out and what properties to keep an eye on, real estate agents need to have people skills, communication skills and a knack for negotiations, as they will be doing a lot of these. Additionally, they must be patient, proactive and willing to offer guidance every step of the way.

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You want a real estate agent who knows what he/she is doing, and for this they need to be informative. It can be hard to gauge this in their office, but if you visit open houses for instance, you will be able to interact with them in a different environment, allowing you to understand what they and their capabilities are like. Are they polite and knowledgeable? Willing to help you sort out any issue that comes your way? How were they in showcasing the open house? Would you consider enlisting them to sell your old home? All a few things to bear in mind and be observant about.

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