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Why Wooden Crates Are the Best


Shipping is one of the most difficult processes even today. While we’ve found methods to transport items faster, cheaper and in safer ways, there are always cases where things get damaged or lost. As senders or recipients of items, we’d always like to make sure that they arrive at their correct destination in perfect condition. So what can we do to make certain that this happens each time?

One effective way to keep our goods safe during shipment is to store them in wooden crates.  There are a vast number of benefits to using them (especially over plastic crates) and we’ve compiled a list:

They’re Cheap

If you want to save money while not sacrificing the integrity of the item you’re shipping, then pick wooden crating. Typically, they cost more than two times as less as plastic crates and furthermore, they’re way more reparable than the latter.

So if you are on a budget and want to ship something, look around for timber crates for sale instead of spending unnecessarily on plastic ones.

They Can Be Used Over And Over

If you own a business that regularly ships items to other countries, then using wood crates is a no-brainer. They’re more durable and therefore can survive the return trip much better than plastic ones. Additionally, some crates can be collapsed so that they can be transported back to you more easily. This makes wooden crates the more economical choice for export businesses.

They’re great for Shipping Food

If you’re thinking about sending food overseas, then wooden crates are a great choice for the purpose. However, make sure that you choose the right type of wood. For instance, if you’re shipping solid consumables, you should go for types like poplar, elm and walnut which are best suited for it.

They’re More Eco-Friendly

If you’re concerned about sustainability and living a greener life, then using plastic crates to ship items is the worst possible choice. On the other hand, wooden crates are repairable and recyclable. Furthermore, if a crate is damaged beyond repair, the parts can be used for some other purpose.

They’re Multi-Purpose

Wooden crates can be used for purposes other than shipping items. They can be utilized as containers for stuff in your basement and they make great, rustic looking décor (think cabinets and shelves). Furthermore, if you’re looking to get started with some DIY projects, wooden crates parts can come in handy.


They’re Very Strong

Between plastic and wooden crates, there’s absolutely no contest in terms of which is the strongest. In fact, they can carry up to twice the weight as plastic. Therefore, if you’re transporting something that’s heavy and fragile, a wooden crate is clearly the better option.

They’re great at Insulating

If you’re transporting items that should not be stored in high temperatures, we highly recommend that you go with a wooden crate. Wood does not conduct heat and therefore will keep the temperature inside the crate fairly constant even in warm locations.

In conclusion, if you want to keep your items safe during shipment, we recommend that you use wooden crates. They’re cheap, durable and reusable.

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